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  • Suositellaan nautittavaksi ennen urheilusuoritusta ja sen
  • Yksi annos sisältää 75mg kofeiinia ja 21g nopeasti
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  • Nautitaan sellaisenaan, ei vaadi vettä
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About GO Energy + Caffeine Gel

The GO Energy + Caffeine Gel 75mg builds on the established science of the GO Isotonic Energy gel, the world's first and only truly isotonic energy gel.

This product provides 22g of carbohydrates and 75mg of caffeine per gel (Citrus flavor). Ideal for high intensity races and long, tough days on the road. Caffeine has been repeatedly shown to improve performance by lowering your perception of effort by providing a boost just when you need it.

GO Energy + Caffeine is clean in the mouth and easy to digest. For when you want an energy boost, but want the benefits of caffeine too. Use before or during an activity for added physical and mental focus when you want to get an edge. When is the best time to consume the SiS GO Energy + caffeine Gel?

Have 1 gel 30 minutes before short, intense exercise to provide mental stimulation for the race ahead. Have 1?2 gels towards the end of long, endurance exercise to improve alertness and concentration.

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